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Jul 2

How to Unsync Your Phone’s Contacts from Facebook. And Yes, You Should

Update: Learn how to remove already synched contacts for iOS6 + iPhone5 here.

So more fallout from the Facebook debacle where it changed your default email address. Gizmodo reports that if you synch your contacts list with your Facebook friends, all kinds of things have gone wonky. Some are reporting their entire contacts list being wiped out. Those of you testing iOS6 are particularly at risk due to its deep Facebook integration.

If you never enabled contacts synching with FaceBook, high five. I’ll spare the rest of you from the lecture about allowing ANY application to interact with your contacts data. Instead, here’s how to decouple your contacts list in your phone from Facebook:

How to unsynch your iPhone

Using an iPhone, launch the Facebook app in your iPhone and select Friends. Tap the sync button on the top right and tap sync contacts. Turn off syncing.

How to unsynch your Android

If you’re on an Android phone, go the main menu, and click on Settings. Under Other Settings, select Sync Contacts. Select Remove Facebook data.

– Bradley Fitzhenry, Brand Manager MJR Creative Group

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  • Open FB App on the iPhone…select friends…check.

    Sync Button????

    The only button in the top right is the box with an arrow pointing out of it. Clicking that brings up a menu “Find Friends” and “Cancel” there is no sync button.

    There is no point to having some ass hole in Spain whose only relationship to me is that he picked some berries in Farmville once six or seven months ago.

    I say it’s time to put iPhone back on the shelf if they are going to pull this kind of crap.

  • I think I figured it out. Go to settings-down to facebook-then turn contacts off. It cleared out all the facebook contacts. I chose calendar too because do I really need the birthday of the mom from PTA that friended me? No thanks.

  • Thank you, Jenny! I was worried I would have to live with that messed up contact list.

  • Well I tried EVERYTHING and nothing Is working ! I went to my contacts settings and turned everything off and I still have my twitter contacts and my Facebook . I even deleted my account from my iPhone of my twitter and Facebook and they are still on my phone . Turned of my phone to see if it would help and that didn’t help either . So what now ?

  • I have the same problem as Kara – I’ve tried everything, can’t get facebook stuff out of my contacts list! Help!

  • Thanks jenny. I can now save people under their nicknames.

  • Karen and Kara. Go to your phone settings.<accounts&ync<Facebook< un check Facebook.contacts. they should disappear.

  • Thank you Jenny :)

  • By Aparajita Das on November 30, 2012 at 1:17 AM

    hey u have to go to aacounts and settings and delete facebook/gmail account to remove those contacts. only then it works. i just tried it.

  • Go to your settings. Scroll down until you see Facebook. Then click on contacts off(face book)etc. then click on update. I just did it.

  • What about the iPhone 5??? I cannot get the fb contacts out of my phone???

  • Head to Settings and scroll down until you find Facebook. For the Facebook setting, you’ll see a section titled Allow These Apps to Use Your Account. Tap the slider to Off for Contacts. Now, head back to the All Contacts list and you’ll see your list returned to its state prior to iOS 6 — listing only the contacts you entered.

  • Yay, this worked beautifully on the Samsung galaxy S3, goto Settings/Accounts and sync, turn the slider in top right corner to “off”, then tap each app and then select remove account. That cleared it for me!!

  • How do you link fb contacts with phone contacts/email contacts? I have like 3 of every contact and its ridiculous… They all came over from my droid, but I could easily link all of that info under one name…how does iPhone do this?

  • None of this worked for me. :(

  • It does not work. Cause if you go to your messaging and click new message and for example just type the letter A in..all your contacts and FB friends that start with A are still there.

  • Thank you taylour!!!!

  • I am having the same issue…I’ve gone to settings and it doesn’t work for me. My FB doesn’t have a sync button.

    This is a replacement phone but I remember somehow I was able to unsync by FB friends on my old phone. Just wish I remembered how I did it. I remember there was a tab saying delete FB friends.

  • Ok After reading all the comments and how to un-sync my contacts on my Samsung Galaxy S. III I finally had to uninstall Facebook and reinstall it. All under Settings/Accounts/Facebook I made sure I selected don’t sync when setting up account after re-install. The only options you have after you set up your account is too Sync. So you can sync any time after your account is setup, but be sure you want to do that, because you will have to start all over and uninstall and re-install if you you do not want sync options

  • I’m having the same problem as Brian. I removed the contact connection with Facebook so they do not appear in my contact list; however, when I go to type a message their name and number appear. I would really like to delete a few phone numbers I dont need but I cant figure out how to delete it.

    I already uninstalled facebook and it still didnt work.

  • This is a major problem..I do not want 700 friends..that I don’t know..please get these off my iphone5

  • Open your settings in iOS / Scroll down and tap Facebook / Tap on your name / Tap on delete account / Tap on remove all.
    That disconnects your account from your apple device but it won’t delete your Facebook app.

  • YESSSSSSSS thank you Jenny. People don’t forget to press update contacts, applies to calendar too.

  • The problem is that the Phockers at Apple automatically syncs your Facebook Contacts and backs them up into iCloud. Actually genius from a information gathering point of view but it really invades your privacy. You have to unsync your icloud contacts and refresh your contact list.

    Setting–>iCloud–> uncheck contacts

  • By Your Name on February 7, 2013 at 9:43 PM

    another way for IPhone is to

    Go to settings>scroll down until you see facebook>then slide the contacts button over to off> and update contacts

  • By Midge Hatfield on February 15, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    Go to your settings. Scroll down until you see Facebook. Then click on contacts off(face book)etc. then click on update. I just did it. I have iphone 5 and it worked. Yay. I was going to FB settingd instead of settings on iphone, and nothing until I found this post, and wala!!! hope this helps someone else.

  • Android users…go to your fb app…click account….then click app settings….scroll down and click Sync Contacts….then click remove all facebook data ;)

  • Hey, i have a Motorola photon and i tried everything and the only thing that works is not having it on my accounts at all. I want to be able to update statuses from my phone without going into the app itself but i dont want to have all my facebook contacts on my contact lisg or showing up in my text messaging app. Please help!

  • I still facing the same problem after all of u all suggestions.. I’m using iPhone 5 but I can’t delete my Facebook friend contact

  • By Your Name on April 8, 2013 at 10:12 PM

    If your iPhone 5 says to sign into Facebook in your PHONE settings, after scrolling all the way down up facebook, then put your Facebook email and password in, hit sign in. Just hit okay until it signs in, and then you can turn the contacts off

  • Go into contacts>then groups>uncheck Facebook all then reexamine contacts list. When I did this all my Facebook friends I had without a phone # went bye bye. Home this helps

  • By fast weight loss on April 20, 2013 at 12:55 PM

    My brother suggested I would possibly like this web site. He was once entirely right. This put up actually made my day. You cann’t believe simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  • I went onto setting and down to accounts. Clicked on facebook then removed the account. Worked for my samsung!

  • By Kkris T An on June 3, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    Very simple to unsync your Facebook contacts, simply go to your “Contacts” on the top left corner you’ll find a tab that says “Groups” then it will give you I believe 2 options sync “iCloud” and “Facebook” unselect “Facebook” and that will unsync your Facebook contacts.


  • i have a samsung odessey windows 8 . my daughter somehow got her facebook contact list into my contact list. how do i remove these hundreds of numbers. help its driving me nuts

  • This helped to unsync my gallery. I deleted each contact. Perhaps had I read more posts., I would have gotten it done an easier way. Thank you for the help¡

  • By kristine on June 19, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    I’ve tried the whole, settings–>facebook–>uncheck contacts. my issue is that when you go into Messages, type a name, FB phone numbers come up! people i’m not even FB friends with anymore! i want to NOT be able to text these people! how do I turn this off???

    to better explain: I broke up with my bf. deleted him completely from my iphone 4. Unfriended on FB. But because his phone number is on FB (which i CAN’T see on FB because we’re not friends) I can type his name in the Messages app and his phone number shows up! this is happening to my friend who has a 4 as well! HELP US!!!

  • I have a Samsung galaxy s2 and when I log in Facebook I get asked if I want to sync. I choose no.when I log out and back in it askes again if I want to sync. I dont.full stop. Does anyone know how to fix it so it doesn’t keep asking every time I log in. Thanks

  • Hello, could you please make a post about “how to unsync linkedin from iphone contacts”?

  • Hi,i have an iphone i went to settings then i went to facebook and turned off contacts on there!Btw i have the 4 so it could be different!!

  • By iPhone 5 user on July 27, 2013 at 2:57 PM

    My problem was my Facebook contacts were gone and I’d denied Facebook, and any other apps that tried, access to my contacts, calendar, etc, but the contacts that I had on my phone were still linked to Facebook. I thought uninstalling the app and trying all of the suggestions mentioned on this site would help. Eventually I had to go into my contacts and manually unlink them, or at least I thought I did. Their Facebook photo still remains with the contact. Now the problem with that is back when Facebook had access to my contacts it automatically linked certain contacts as I input them and most of them were linked to the wrong Facebook page. As I’m typing I’m realizing I might have to go one by one again and delete the photo if that’s possible. If someone knows of an easier way to proceed PLEASE LET ME KNOW

  • By iPhone 5 user on July 27, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    Oh and also does this mean Facebook is still connected to certain contacts?

  • I’ve completed the Settings-Facebook-Contacts process, signed out of Facebook in my settings, never had contacts synched in the cloud and deleted the app from my phone, but contacts are still there. Help!

  • If your contacts were updated from an old phone that had facebook contacts on it, then you will have to manually delete the contacts.

  • Can anyone please help me actually I had onece download fb from android market and while signing in click syn all or sync contacts
    From that time their are some people name shown in my contact list whom I don’t Know…how can I get rid of them ?

  • I have an Iphone 4 i had facebook and twitter linked to my contacts i deleted both accounts months ago and i am trying to unsync my contacts .. my own contact still shows up on others phones as having these accounts…I dont want any links at all to any social media. PLEASE help!

  • I am experiencing the same problems as everyone else on an android phone. My phone tells me I can’t delete the contact because it came in through Facebook, but even when I delete them from Facebook, they still remain on my phone’s contact list. I don’t HAVE a button that says Sync Contacts, so that piece of advice doesn’t help. I don’t HAVE a button that says Group in my contact list. I’ve tried deleting the FB app but even that doesn’t help. There must be some solution …. this is SO frustrating!!!

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Facebook > Remove Account. Log back into Facebook and this time when it asks you to Sync, click NO. Just worked for me.

    Samsung S4

  • Trying to unsync contacts from iPhone, when I go to settings & try to access Facebook it tells me wrong password but this is the same password I signed in with on safari???? HELP! I have way too many contacts!!

  • By Vicki Diane on September 18, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    Thanks Sharrall ~ this info worked on my Samsung Galaxy 111 after going to numerous phone shops and getting negative replys.
    *Android users…go to your fb app…click account….then click app settings….scroll down and click Sync Contacts….then click remove all facebook data ;)*
    This didn’t get rid of the fb app ~ and all I had to do was pop in my fb details to verify my account again.

  • You guys rock – the advice here sorted out my issue too.

  • thanks alot for the advise on here!

  • If you have done everything you have read to do to unsync your facebook contacts and still have no luck, you may have had the same problem I did. I ended up calling
    Verizon Wireless about it and this is what we came up with. I bought a new Iphone 5S and when I did, they used Back up assistant to put my contacts back on my phone. Well, I didnt think about it when I did it but my Iphone 4S had all of the Facebook contacts on it and when I did a back up from backup assistant, it copied all of my Facebook contacts onto it so thats how they got on my Iphone 5S. So when I went to unsync my Facebook contacts from my phone, being the contacts was put on it via backup assistant, the phone didnt recognize the contacts as being from Facebook, so it would not unsync the contacts. So , to make a long story short, I had to end up manually deleting over 500 Facebook contacts off of my phone.Thats the only way to get them off. What a pain….

  • I even went as far as deleting Facebook completely off of my phone and it didnt work

  • To unsync LinkedIn contacts from my Android, I went to settings, accounts/sync, and unchecked “automatically sync data”. This then allowed me to select exactly what I did and did not want to sync with my phone, such as which email accounts and social media account contacts I did and did not want showing up in my phone contact list. However, when I restarted my phone and clicked on contacts, all those LinkedIn contacts were still there. Then I clicked on contacts, menu, and delete – prepared to manually delete all of them and NONE of those LinkedIn contacts showed up in the contacts list. Frustrating and invasive. =(

  • I had trouble getting my Facebook contacts to unsync from my android phone. What I finally did is opened my contacts on my phone then hit the menu button and went to accounts. I deleted Facebook from there and they all disappeared.

  • By Tracey Timson on October 14, 2014 at 4:39 PM

    I have the new Samsung s5 and all my Facebook and skype contacts are in my normal contacts list , I want to rremove them so I only have my normal phone contacts , please help

  • Hello, I would like to subscribe for this weblog to get most rrcent updates, therefore where can i do
    it please help.

  • for android user s5
    go to settings-contacts and then delete fb
    i know its annoying seeing too many friends on contacts
    hope this works for everyone

  • I never synched with facebook, but have unsynched 4 days in a row, however it keeps changing it back to all the contacts in my phone…any other ideas of what to do to get it to stay gone?

  • I’ve gone into settings and accounts and removed from my Galaxy s4 Active and it removed the Facebook contacts from my actual contact list, only problem is that it logs me out of the Facebook app and when I sign in it just automatically syncs contacts to my phone again. It’s extremely annoying having to scroll through 1,000 contacts just to get to the one I need. I even went into the Facebook settings. Nothing works. Please help.

  • It’s so simple guys..Go to ur phone settings<facebook den disconnct the contcts option — Mine worked

  • i want to unsync my phone(nokia e57) contacs from facebook

  • The process for the Galaxy S4 worked for me. Thanks so much

  • My iPhone deleted all phone numbers from my contacts while leaving the remainder of the contacts information in place. Is there a way to resolve this? Can all of the contacts be de-installed and then reinstalled? Is there a way of adding a phone field to the contacts and re-entering manual the phone numbers?
    Thank you, Lori

  • Thanks for sharing this very good post. Very interesting ideas! (as always, btw)

  • By The Little Duke on September 4, 2015 at 8:44 PM

    Go here to delete them from FB web:

  • please help!!! i am a iphone 5 user, i have already follow the suggestions above but it doesn’t work. Please HELP

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  • By Sophiahanniford on February 3, 2016 at 4:41 PM

    I am using a Huawei phone how can I unsync my contact from facebook

  • If your using an iPhone then the easier way is to:
    Launch the Settings app
    Scroll down until you find ‘Facebook’
    There will be a bit called ‘ALLOW THESE APPS TO USE YOUR ACCOUNT’
    Calendars and Contacts should be at the top then turn them off

  • By marcelo on May 7, 2016 at 7:05 AM

    Dis not work. Please update this page with better information.

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  • For iPhone: Contacts (Phone app) > Groups (Top-left) > Deselect facebook contacts

  • By Angela George on February 5, 2017 at 1:38 AM

    Thank You, for sharing these simple steps.I was very irritated when I have to manage both the contacts in phone and facebook account in one. I was not able to turn off the sync n my FB account. I came across your post and followed your steps one by one. I updated contacts successfully.
    Thanks once again
    For any other problem related to facebook, you can refer to the link:

  • Here’s also a guide to help you sync contacts from Facebook to iPhone.

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